Balblair 03

This is going to be my first Whisky Review of the new year, 2015. The whisky I am going to be reviewing is the Balblair 03, a whisky that I have enjoyed a lot in the past. I had the 1st release of this whisky yesterday and it is bottled at 46%. The whisky has been matured on American oak (ex-bourbon) barrels. Unfortunately they have not specified an age to this whisky, but I’d expect it to be somewhere between 8 and 10 years old.

These are the tasting notes from the distiller:

  • Nose: On the nose there are the signature Balblair aromas: floral and fragrant punctuated with citrus fruits, apricots and honey.
  • Taste: On the palate it is full bodied, with notes of oranges, lemon, honey and spice.
  • Finish: The long lasting finish is sweet yet spicy; a superbly well-balanced dram.

Of course I have tasted this whisky a number of times as well and in this case I am amazed. Balblair describes this whisky very accurate if you ask me. Usually I find it difficult to recognise half of the things that a distiller describes, but for this Balblair it is easy.

Nose: The nose is floral, you do get the idea of Lemon which is mixed with a sweetness that may as well be described as honey.

Taste: This is a full body whisky, yes there is Orange and Lemon there, but also the combination of sweetness and spice (pepper). I have difficulty recognising the honey in the flavour, but all the other tastes are reasonably easy to recognise.

Finish: The finish is long, very long you way as well say. It is filled with sweetness but also you notice the spicy flavour. It lasts long and has a nice and interesting ring to it.

Price: € 42.00

Mark: 83 – I mark this whisky this high because of the fact that this whisky is worth every penny, and it is not even an expensive whisky. So it you see it and you can afford it, it is a nice one to add to your experience.

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