Blind tasting competition 2015

It all started on Sunday December 6th, this years version of the Blind Whisky Tasting. Last year I managed to score a staggering 190 point, and with that I had a staggering 750 points less that the number one.

I remember the worst tasting whisky last year, which was the Blair Athol from The Ultimate. A Dutch bottler that usually has some very impressive and nice whiskies in their repertoire. Alas, this 25 year old 46% did not score more than 40 points if you ask me.besc

By far the best last year was the Lagavulin Feis Ile 2014 a 19 year old, 54,7% whisky from this Island of Islay. Of course I was unable to guess that it was that whisky, I thought it was a young Kilchoman and at least had the Island correct, but that was just about it.

This year I am doing slightly better so far. After 8 days I am at 120 points. I have even managed to guess one distillery correct (Laphroaig). I had no clue about the age or percentage, but was convinced that it was a Laphroaig. This earned me 40 point, and that was not even the highest number of points that I have scored this year. So far this has been the best whisky (91 points as far as I am concerned) in the competition and I hope that some even better may come along as well.

I am looking forward to the next 10 days of unknown whiskies and wonder if there will be any that I can actually ACE. But I am not holding my breath…

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