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Located on 3110 Main Street in Santa Monica, in the building where Arnold Schwarzenegger has his offices. Which is why there is a security guard in front of the bathroom area. Details like this make this place unique. But of course, this is not the only reason why it is such a unique Cigar Lounge. This Lounge has been there since 1996 and is owned by Greg Shahbazian. He opened the store 21 years ago and has Devin helping him out during the day. The Lounge has been brought to my attention by my friends Thaddeus Warth and Scott de la Pena owners of the Hermosa Cigars from Los Angeles.

The Lounge is a single room with a number of comfy and very artful chairs that you can sit in. They are grouped together so small groups, or couples can sit together and smoke their favorite cigar. As you can see, the room looks like a comfortable room where people can chill, talk and enjoy a cigar. Every time that I have been there, I met new people and made new friends that is how enjoyable and easy going the ambiance is. As you will understand, there are a few large TV’s in the room, so during game nights this is the best place to sit, smoke and enjoy the game with your friends.

The Humidor is a walk-in humidor and has a large selection of cigars. For us Dutchies it remains weird to see that Cuban cigars are not available in the store. But the good side to this is that there is more room for other cigars, less known in the Netherlands. What I like the most is the fact that there are so many Alec Bradley’s, Rocky Patels and Drew Estate cigars that we never have back home. The new ones, but also the old ones that are no longer in stock here. That makes this humidor a treasure room to walk in.

During the Day, Devon is usually there and for a Californian, he is a quiet, calm man, but his knowledge speaks for itself. He’s always able to explain things and tell you the story of a specific cigar. The owner Greg is a very kind and busy man, who is usually around during the evening. The opening ours are seven days a week and from 11am till late during the evening (depending on the number of people that are there). I have been going here since 2014 and have seen several famous people enter the place, or walk by it on Main Street.

My appreciation of the place:

  • Humidor: 8/10
  • The cigars: 8/10
  • Lounge: 8/10
  • Terras: not available
  • Drank: softdrinks only, the rest you need to bring
  • Eten: not available, but you can order in
  • WiFi: available
  • Eigenaar: 8/10
  • Price: above average (location is everything)

Website: http://hollywoodsmoke.com/

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