Redondo Cigar Tobacco

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mention this one, because it is not really a lounge as I reviewed other lounges. This is more of a tobacco store that has inside 4 chairs and outside 4 chairs as well where you can sit and enjoy a smoke. Being in Redondo Beach, the outside chairs provide a nice atmosphere to smoke a cigar.

The store is located at 1710 Aviation Blvd in Redondo Beach. And it has a walk-in humidor. The store is owned by Sam and his longtime employee Joe is usually there as well. It is not the jazziest place that I have ever been to, but it does have its charm. Both Sam and Joe have expert knowledge of cigars and local places to go to. They take the time to show you their humidor and offer valuable advice on where to eat and shop as well.

What I like best is the service and the package deals that you have there. Free lighters, cutters and whatnot. And if you buy four cigars you get one free, and similar deals like that make it important to go there frequently. Also, their cigar sample packs are often very interesting to look at. And when you buy a number of cigars, they will always make you a deal.

This is my go-to store whenever I am in the LA area. I have always and will continue to do so buy my cigars here to bring them to Holland.

My appreciation of the place:

  • Humidor: 9/10
  • The cigars: 9/10
  • Lounge: 6/10
  • Terras: four chairs outside, no table
  • Drank: whatever bring
  • Eten: not available
  • WiFi: available
  • Eigenaar: 9/10
  • Price: cheap

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