Scottish Tobacco

Located at 2625 Piedmont Rd NE in Buckhead, Atlanta, is one of the best Lounges of Atlanta by my standards. This was nearby my hotel and I have spent several evenings there during my stay. The lounge has a walk-in humidor with a wide selection of premium cigars of all well-known brands and some relatively new brands as well.

Shafi Hai is a “cigar-preneur” who has been in the business for more than 30 years. Shafi is the owner of the Scottish Tobacco stores, with locations in Conyers and Buckhead. I have not seen him much, only once briefly and was mainly helped by Aalam, the general manager of the store. A well-dressed gentleman he is, every day a new suit and always looking very sharp. He has a specific taste of his own in cigars and comes up with suggestions to smoke that I would not have thought about, something that makes it more fun.

The lounge is one large room with a TV and a number of chairs to sit in. There are also some smaller humidors there for the customers. And they provide soft drinks in the room too. Everything else you need to bring on your own.

What I liked about the place is that every night I was there I was the only white guy in there. I had so much fun with the other people there, talking about sports and the cultural differences between the Netherlands and the USA. And of course, the upcoming presidential election. I had never expected so much hatred towards Clinton by the black community.

My appreciation of the place:

  • Humidor: 8/10
  • The cigars: 8/10
  • Lounge: 8/10
  • Terras: not available
  • Drank: soft drinks and coffee (No Scottish Whisky!!)
  • Eten: not available
  • WiFi: available
  • Eigenaar: 9/10
  • Price: regular


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