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Another lounge that I have visited during my stay in Atlanta was Cigar Times. Located at 275 Baker St, downtown Atlanta (near the Hilton and the CNN building). This is the smallest cigar lounge that I have been to. There are two couches to sit on, and a chair of the owner of the store. But it is a comfy couch, so I gladly sit down and look at the number of cigars that are behind glass covered closed humidor cupboards. The man that worked there, John, was a very friendly man with great humor and enough to talk about. You recognize him by the tattoo on his calf of some saint. He did offer me my first Elijah Craig bourbon ever, and that is something as well.

I have been here twice and smoked an Anniversary Padron and an Esteban Carreras Chupacabra box pressed cigar that I have never smoked before. It is always nice to try out new sticks and that was one that I appreciated a lot. I even brought some home with me.

John was fun to talk to and he had a small but enjoyable lounge to sit at. It was never crowded but every once in a while, a customers would enter and buy some cigars.

My appreciation of the place:

  • Humidor: 7/10
  • The cigars: 8/10
  • Lounge: 6/10
  • Terras: not available
  • Drank: Whisky, soft drinks and coffee
  • Eten: not available
  • WiFi: available
  • Eigenaar: 9/10
  • Price: regular

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